Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ

God has called me to…

Rev. Servando Perales
Phil 4:13 – Rev. Servando Perales

Provide a safe refuge for the youth of South Omaha, by the pouring of Christian principles into lives…through the gift of boxing.

As a servant of a Jesus Christ, whom I’ve had the privilege of meeting personally, I accepted this commission with great joy, faith and assurance, with great faith and guidance believe; “… that He who began a good work in (me), will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” ~Phil 1:6 For now,  please feel free to open up the site, and learn of Victory’s humble beginnings, the mission, the vision, the way I got here.  It has been amazing what God has done in my life.  I am humbled to even think back on where I was, where I used to be, and sadly, the direction I was going.  God heard my cry, and rescued me from a life of hardship and misery, and gave me a new life in Him, Jesus Christ, the King I serve, and the God I am honored to call my friend. Jesus has truly put this mission, this movement, on my heart. It is my hope that God speaks to you as you spend time on this site, reading about events and history, watching videos of fights, of interviews, of how He used other’s to bless this ministry, humbling us and firing us even more to continue moving further into his will, His vision for South Omaha. Please be praying for me;  for guidance, wisdom and dependence on Jesus.  For peace and prosperity of relationship in Him for me and my wonderful family, my wife Michelle, and my awesome children.  For the guys, the 40 or so who have been with us for some years, for their great growth and prosperity of spirit, for their health and guidance, for their fight and struggles in this world, that they may become strong men and women for God.  Finally, please pray for anyone who have helped found this movement, along with those who have recently come aboard!  I pray their hearts and minds become one with what God has shown to me! And finally, pray for yourselves, that God would show you what He would have you be a part of Victory!  There is much to do yet.  As He tells us in His word: The harvest is plenty, and yet the laborers are few.  I am faithful that He will provide all our needs, and it is His Mission, His Holy Vision that none of these young ones would be lost, but that all would come to a saving knowledge, of Jesus Christ our Lord!  Amen! -Servando _______________________________________________________________

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We are an active group, serving the community, and will very often be holding various boxing shows, fundraisers, local outreach, community involvement interests, along with special activities we’re doing for the youth we love!
Call or write us with any suggestions, or if you have questions of any up-coming events.
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2 Responses to Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ

  1. Michaela Kneip says:


    I recently was told about the work Victory Boxing Club is doing in Omaha and I would love to learn more about volunteer opportunities available within your program. I am an educator and have worked with grades Pre-K through 12. I will be teaching at Millard West this August. I also work at Title Boxing Club in West Omaha. I am passionate about helping kids and teens and would love to receive more information about Victory Boxing Club.


    Michaela Kneip

    • Michaela, Thank you for your interest in Victory Boxing club. We are always in need of volunteers. You can stop by the club Mon-Thur 5-7pm to check us out. 3009 R Street or Call Sevando at 402-612-8491. Thanks Michelle

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